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 For people who want moreGossipRace CalendarTeams & DriversWhat Preseason Testing at Jerez Holds for The Grand Prix 2015February 18, 2015 by Mike Hayward jerez-test-dayIf you are a Formula 1 Grand Prix fanatic, you must be befuddled about what the new season holds for your team. The array of drivers on the grid reveals that four drivers are past winners of the championship title, meaning any of them can lay a claim to the title. Well, the cars are now ready, and with about a month to Australia GP, the preseason leg has started earnestly with the first round at Jerez already done and dusted. This might not be the most reliable yardstick to gauge driver and teams, but at least it helps highlight who might grace the royal box at the greatest circuits in Monaco.

Here is a casual glance at first impressions from Jerez testing grounds:

Sauber, surprise package: After a terrible 2014 season with no points, a new car and a driver line-up seems to be working the trick. The Mercedes C34 engine enabled Felipe Nasr and Marcus Ericsson to grab headlines with top times and this shows the team might win points this season.Mercedes, the play-it-safe package: Mercedes might have completed a record 504 laps in terms of time, but it was all conservatism the rest of the way. Well, the W06 is nothing of a new machine because even the two drivers reckon it is familiar to last season’s car. Reliability was the focus of the team, but could lack of speed testing prove a costly mistake?Ferrari, the best package: With two quickest testing times and fourth in terms of laps completed, the Italians have something to smile about after a miserable 2014 season. Vettel and Raikkonen are both optimistic the SF15-T machine can perform, and the mood at the Scudeira’s corner is upbeat for now. Could this be a revival?McLaren, the learning package: Was Alonso right in moving to McLaren? That’s the question every pundit must be asking. The Honda powered car managed only 79 laps with myriad problems in the power unit. Could the much hyped McLaren-Honda partnership be stillborn? More testing will tell.Lotus, the good-start package: Maldonado and Romain Grosjean have an unenviable task ahead. However, if the 190 laps they managed at Jerez are anything to go by then the two drivers have what it takes to go all the way. The Mercedes engine seems to have given them leverage and impetus to push further.There are other teams on the grid, including Red Bull with a new Renault engine, which encountered ERS and battery issues, Toro Rosso who impressed in terms of laps and Williams who impressed with reliability in the FW37.There is still Barcelona 1 and 2 and later in-season tire tests at Austria and Abu Dhabi to really tell who has the guts to win at the thrilling Monaco Grand Prix 2015.

Here are some more predictions for 2015.

Filed Under: Race Calendar, Teams & Drivers Tagged With: Grand Prix, jerez18 drivers contesting the 2015 Formula 1 SeasonFebruary 13, 2015 by Mike HaywardThe countdown is almost finished. The first race of the 2015 Formula 1 is on 15 March in Australia. Lewis Hamilton is aiming to become the first Briton to maintain the world title. Nico Rosberg will go well now, because he lost out to his Mercedes team mate in the final race which was in Abu Dhabi. The most experienced driver line-ups are at McLaren. The former world champions Jeneson Button and Fernando Alonso have started 500 grand prix between them. Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz Jr and Max Verstappen have yet to start F1 race.drivers-2-470x293Now we are going to present you 18 drivers which will contest in 2015 Formula 1 season:

1. Lewis Hamilton

His team is Mercedes. British nationality. Born on 7th January, 1985. His previous team was McLaren. Grand Prix début in Australia, 2007. He has 148 races and 2 world championships (2008 and 2014). Thirty three career wins and thirty eight Career pole positions. This guy is probably fastest in the world. Confident, immense talent, tough to beat and brilliant racer. Favourite for a third title in 2015.

2. Nico Roseberg

His team is Mercedes. German nationality. Born on 27th June 1985. His previous team was Williams. Grand Prix début in Bahrain, 2006. He has 166 races. 8 career wins and 15 career pole positions.

3. Daniel Ricciardo

His team is Red Bull. Australian nationality. Born on 1st July 1989. His previous team was HRT, Toro Rosso. Grand Prix début in Britain, 2011. He has 69 races. 3 career wins and 0 career pole positions.

4. Daniil Kvyat

His team is Red Bull. Russian nationality. Born 26tg April, 1994. His previous team was Toro Rosso. Grand Prix début in Australia 2014. 0 career wins and 0 career pole positions. He finished 9th in his best race.

5. Felipe Massa

His team is Williams. Brazilian nationality. Born 25th April, 1981. His previous team was Sauber, Ferrari. Grand Prix début in Australia 2002. He has 212 races. 11 career wins and 16 career pole positions.2015-schedule_3248788

6.Valtteri Bottas

His team is Williams. Finnish nationality. Born 28th August, 1989. Grand Prix début in Australia 2013. He has 38 races. No career wins and no career role positions. He finished second in his best race.

7. Sebastian Vettel

Ferrari team, German nationality. He has 139 races and world championships in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. 39 career wins and 45 career pole positions.

8. Kimi Raikkonen

9. Fernando Alonso.

His team is McLaren. Spanish nationality. His previous teams are: Renault, Minardi, Ferrari. Grand Prix début in Australia 2001. He has 236 races and world championships in 2005 and 2006. 32 career wins and 22 career pole positions.1412410002_extras_noticia_foton_7_010. Jenson Button11. Nico Hulkenberg12. Sergio Perez13. Max Verstappen14. Carlos Sainz Jr15. Pastor Maldonado16. Romain Grosjean17. Felipe Nasr18. Marcus EricssonThese are the 18 drivers which will contest in 2015 formula season on 15 March. As we can see all of these racers are pretty good, so we will see who will be the first. The most likely is Lewis Hamilton. But maybe we can see something new. Let us wait until March.Filed Under: Gossip, Teams & Drivers Tagged With: drivers, formula 1, formula 1 2015SearchSearch…Tweets about #formula1 #2015 #F1  What Preseason Testing at Jerez Holds for The Grand Prix 2015What Preseason Testing at Jerez Holds for The Grand Prix 2015RSS Formula 1 news – AutosportButton feels ‘like a kid again’ following Formula 1 sabbatical callRomain Grosjean saw Renault’s 2016 F1 struggles comingF1 2017: Red Bull’s input key on designs, Williams’s Symonds saysRenault to re-use Kevin Magnussen’s F1 engine from Spa crashFelipe Massa says he nearly retired from F1 after his Ferrari stintGossipRace CalendarTeams & Drivers